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Re: Wrong Data ouput with ldapsearch -L (ITS#257)

At 02:37 PM 8/18/99 GMT, mh@bacher.at wrote:
>mailalternateaddress:: cGV0ZXIudW50ZXJtb3NlckBzYmcuYXQN

I suspect cGV0ZXIudW50ZXJtb3NlckBzYmcuYXQN is the base-64
encoding of "peter.untermoser@sbg.at "...  (note the trailing

>ldbmcat shows also wrong output:
>sn: Untermoser
>replace: cn
>replace: mail
>replace: mailQuota
>replace: givenname
>replace: mailalternateaddress
>cn: Peter Untermoser
>mail: peter.untermoser@sbg.at
>mailquota: 5000
>givenname: Peter
>mailalternateaddress:: cGV0ZXIudW50ZXJtb3NlckBzYmcuYXQN
>mailalternateaddress: susanne.untermoser@sbg.at

Looks the same to me.

>The funny thing is, this an modified entry.
>Other entries which are never touched are ok !!

It looks someone ran ldapmodify with bad input (note the
"replace" attributes).  You might try "schemacheck on"
to disallow bogus attributes from being added.