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Re: How _do_ I build slapd?

At 11:41 AM 8/16/99 -0700, Vicki Brown wrote:
>>From the INSTALL File (Openldap 1.2):
> 7. Test the standalone system
>        % cd tests
>        % make

>And how do I build slapd???

You follow steps 1-6.  You might also want to review the FAQ and
our new "Quick Startup Guide" at:

>> Running ldif2ldbm to build slapd database...
>> ./scripts/test001-ldif2ldbm: ../servers/slapd/tools/ldif2ldbm: No such
>>file or d
>> irectory
>> ldif2ldbm failed!

>I tried
>   cd ../servers/slapd/tools; make
>That failed.
>   No rule to make target `../libbackends.a', needed by `ldif2index'.

You need to build from the top-level directory after running
configure with appropriate options for your system.  To build
a standalone LDAP server with database support you must have
an LDBM compatible database manager preinstalled.  LDBM is
compatible with BerkeleyDB 2.7.5 from Sleepycat Software
(http://www.sleepycat.com/) and GDBM from Free Software Foundation

>Some better information in the INSTALL file would be helpful...

The quick guide provides an overview of the process.  It's meant
to be used in conjunction with the README, INSTALL, and FAQ.

If you have additional questions, I recommend you post to our
software mailing list (http://www.openldap.org/lists/).  You
must be subscribed to post.