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ldapfilter.conf and comma (ITS#252)

Full_Name: William Green
Version: 1.2.3
OS: Redhat Linux 6.x
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

I am having problems configuring my ldapfilter.conf file to accept a filter for
a "last name, first name" match favored by certain users of my system

Example ldapfilter.conf entry:

        ","     ","     "(cn=%v2 %v1)"          "exact last comma first"
                        "(&(sn=%v1)(cn=*%v2*))" "exact last comma substring
                        "(&(sn=%v1)(cn~=%v2 %v1))"      "exact last comma
approximate first"
                        "(sn=%v1)"              "exact last name"
                        "(sn~=%v1)"             "approximate last name"
                        "(sn=*%v1*)"            "substring last name"

I've tried also just:
        ","     ","     "(sn=%v)"          "exact last"

Any ideas?