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Re: libldap LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT feature (ITS#239)

The diffs are made against -HEAD/19990802. 


- fixed a typo in options.c.

- renamed functions in os-ip.c to follow the ldap_pvt_ convention.

- replaced all function calls with portability/configure problems:
    getsockopt(...,SO_ERROR,...) => getpeername(); read()
    inet_aton() => inet_addr()
    fcntl(...,O_NONBLOCK,...) => ioctl(...,FIONBIO,...)
  I left the code to reenable it if the configure issues are resolved.

Notes: The code in ldap_set_option allows to pass a (struct timeval
This is necessary to disable the timeout.

Lars Uffmann, <lars.uffmann@mediaways.net>, fon +49 5241 80 1438