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Re: [Fwd: libraries/liblutil/base64 will not compile (ITS#225)]

At 02:19 AM 7/12/99 GMT, bigler@shellus.com wrote:
>> Did "make" complain?  If so, how?
>yes, base64 would not compile.  error was (don't have the exact one right
>now) cc1 internal error; fatal signal 6

Sounds like your compiler tool chain is hosed.

>I'm using Redhat 4.2, but there isn't much left of 4.2 proper.  Most
>libraries, gcc, etc. have been upgraded to run 2.1.x and now 2.2.x
>kernels.  Still a libc5 system though (5.4.46).

Might be time to run the compiler test suite... or to completely
reinstall the compiler tool chain.