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Re: Multi-threaded slapd on AIX 4.2.1 (ITS#215)

At 02:30 PM 6/30/99 GMT, fpo@atos.be wrote:
>I have been able to compile and run a multi-threaded slapd (latest "stable"
>version) on AIX 4.2.1 (a few patches needed to be applied to thr_posix.c
>and cc_r had to be used instead of cc). The server runs fine and gives a
>good response time but is subject to huge memory leaks. The same server
>compiled on a Linux box does not appear to grow. Neither does the same
>server compiled on AIX without threads support. Can anybody help?

My wildass guess would be that threaded created to preform operations
are not being properly detached.

I would suggest posting your thread patches to the -devel mailing
list for discussion.  If possible, port them to OpenLDAP-devel