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Re: oc_schema_check (ITS#204)

wes@umich.edu wrote:

>     if ( (aoc = attr_find( e->e_attrs, "objectclass" )) == NULL ) {
> should cause return( 1 ), while it currently returns 0.

Ugh.  Yeah, nasty, nasty.  I think I fixed it in CVS in both the HEAD
and OPENLDAP_REL_1_2 branches.

> In any case, the reason I encountered the problem is that upon attempting
> to delete the offending entries, I got the "ldbm_back_delete: non leaf"
> error for *some* entries.  This was unexpected since the entries were in
> fact leaves.  I'm still try to track this issue down.

Unsure about this, keep us posted on what you find.