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Re: ldapadd confusion (ITS#203)

At 01:02 AM 6/13/99 GMT, claird@neosoft.com wrote:
>All my attempts to
>  ldapadd -D "cn=root, o=MYORG, c=US" -w secret </tmp/myldif
>  adding new entry cn=someone, o=MYORG, c=US
>  ldap_add: No such object

Does the directory have an entry "o=MYORG, c=US"?
  ldapsearch -h localhost:389 -b 'o=MYORG, c=US' -s base '(objectclass=*)'

"o=MYORG, c=US" must exist before adding entries underneath it.

Note: you can add "o=MYORG, c=US" without "c=US" existing because
your suffix is "o=MYORG, c=US".