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Re: support for dynamically loadable modules (ITS#196)

Bastiaan.Bakker@lifeline.nl wrote:
> Full_Name: Bastiaan Bakker
> Version: 2.0 devel
> OS:
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/bb_dynmods_for_HEAD19990608.v0.1.gz
> Submission from: (NULL) (

Looks nice.  Prior objections to its backend-oriented nature seem to have
been solved.  Patches cleanly (except a non-issue in back-tcl) and compiles
without errors.

Unfortunately, I have to leave for a meeting and did not have enough time
to really test it (seems changes to the test scripts are needed).  And if
it is going to be conditionally-compilable at all, we should be able to
select it from configure.

All in all, I vote for committing this as soon as tests pass.  Other things
can be fixed then.  I have uses for loadable modules and I would like to
see this integrated soon.

Good job, Bastiaan.


P.S.  BTW, it seems loadable backend modules are not generated.  If they are
not linked in, then they should be built somewhere...  Maybe is done and did
not find them because of my lack of time.  But if you can drop a note, I will
be most grateful.