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subtree from non-root


I'm running OpenLDAP 1.2.1 on HPUX and am having trouble retrieving entries below a subtree. The root of the LDAP database is
'dc=mesasys, dc=com' and I've added the organizationalUnit 'ou=People' to this and placed our employees under that.

I can retrieve my entry with the command:
	./ldapsearch -b "uid=ref, ou=People, dc=mesasys, dc=com' -s base "objectclass=*"

	dn: uid=ref, ou=People, dc=mesasys, dc=com
	givenname: Ronald
	sn: Fortin
	cn: Ronald Fortin
	title: Senior Engineer
	uid: ref
	mail: ref@mesasys.com
	gn: Ronald Fortin
	objectclass: top
	objectclass: person
	objectclass: organizationalPerson
	objectclass: inetOrgPerson

So, I should also be able to get the same entry using:
	./ldapsearch -b "ou=People, dc=mesasys, dc=com' -s sub "uid=ref"

But this produces no output. Interestingly though, removing the 'ou=People' does work:
	./ldapsearch -b "dc=mesasys, dc=com' -s sub "uid=ref"

I've also tried this using MS Outlook to make sure that it was not a client problem, and I have upgraded to OpenLDAP 1.2.3 but still
have the same issue.

Am I doing something wrong?

thanks for your time.

Ronald E. Fortin
Mesa Systems Guild, Inc.
60 Quaker Lane
Warwick, RI 02886