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Re: Added Date Filter, Priority Filter, and Filter Reset (ITS#184)

I have priorities implemented as a file, where the user sets the required values. I'm enhancing it
this afternoon as follows:
attributes = Priority Status...

Where Priority is an attribute with allowed values in a file called Priority, Status in a file
called Status. The current value is 48.Priority 48.Status. The spelling of the attribute controls
the Filename, and the displayed titles.

I've also finished user assignment (taken by -> Assigned), where any user in the list can be
assigned to a problem (by any user in the list), and names will be pulled from preferences when set.
It needs a mail when assigned feature still.

I'm interested in dates. Estimated completion in particular, but filter options on dates are an
obvious follow on. 

Have you parsed audit log to calculate times yet? I need that in a reporting feature.

If you need some of this I can post it, however I've been waiting until I can get the sidebar
navigation isolated to ifdef or loadparm. It's not  mergeable back to 1.6.2 in it's present form.

At the point where I can merge back, I will have a best of Jitterbug with all the features I've seen
parameterized into loadparms and using existing jitterbug routines.

Where's Tridge to referee all of this? I haven't got templates yet, I think some of the defining
files will have to be printf strings to handle sidebar navigation. That makes templates a little
trickier. The connection of runtime variables to the printf string files has to be right or it won't
be very flexible.

Rick Foos

Richard Pike wrote:
> I am presently polishing up my changes to Jitterbug 1.6.2 which I hope to
> have uploaded soon.
> 1. Added age filter to select messages older or newer than the specified
> number of days and tidied up
>     filter pane including addition of a "reset filter" button.The date
> filter works well along with the priority
>     filter to get all high or urgent priority messages older than n days.
> 2. Enhanced Darren Gonzales' Priority Feature:
>    a. Generalized to use a character array to set priority list. Setting
> the default setting is still awkward.
>        It should be an easy modification to read this list from a
> "priorities" file like users, if someone has a
>        good idea how to specify which item is the default.
>    b. Added Priority checkbox filter and cleaned up match_message logic
> slightly.
> 3. Finishing up a "taken by" feature (as opposed to the usual
> "assigned_to") so that a registered user can
>     claim an issue if no one else has already claimed it and unclaim it
> when complete or so someone else
>     can work on it.  Others users can see who, if anybody, has claimed an
> issue.  There is also a filter option
>     for this. Anybody have a better name than "taken by"?
> For the priority feature, I used a looping technique to dynamically create
> and process cgi variables which could
> be used as a model for the addition of any variable length list item (such
> as STATUS).
> For the priority checkboxes, I used a power of 2 bitmask to carry the state
> of the checkbox to avoid adding too
> many variables.
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