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Re: Added Date Filter, Priority Filter, and Filter Reset (ITS#182)

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At 03:34 PM 5/27/99 GMT, rpike@labs.gte.com wrote:
>I am presently polishing up my changes to Jitterbug 1.6.2 which I hope to
>have uploaded soon.
>1. Added age filter to select messages older or newer than the specified
>number of days and tidied up 
>    filter pane including addition of a "reset filter" button.The date
>filter works well along with the priority 
>    filter to get all high or urgent priority messages older than n days.
>2. Enhanced Darren Gonzales' Priority Feature:
>   a. Generalized to use a character array to set priority list. Setting
>the default setting is still awkward. 
>       It should be an easy modification to read this list from a
>"priorities" file like users, if someone has a 
>       good idea how to specify which item is the default.
>   b. Added Priority checkbox filter and cleaned up match_message logic
>3. Finishing up a "taken by" feature (as opposed to the usual
>"assigned_to") so that a registered user can 
>    claim an issue if no one else has already claimed it and unclaim it
>when complete or so someone else 
>    can work on it.  Others users can see who, if anybody, has claimed an
>issue.  There is also a filter option
>    for this. Anybody have a better name than "taken by"?
>For the priority feature, I used a looping technique to dynamically create
>and process cgi variables which could 
>be used as a model for the addition of any variable length list item (such
>as STATUS).
>For the priority checkboxes, I used a power of 2 bitmask to carry the state
>of the checkbox to avoid adding too 
>many variables. 
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>GTE Laboratories Incorporated      Phone: 781-466-2689
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