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Out of file descriptors (ITS#165)

Hi everybody,

I have an LDAP 1.2.1 server that has problems when running out of file
descriptors. Running truss (Solaris strace), it shows that it's trying like
crazy to open a file descriptor to log something.

I think openldap should be more resilient to this problem. I'm currently
studying the best way to fix this problem. One way would be to call
openlog() with the LOG_NDELAY flag, so that it already has a fd:

          LOG_NDELAY          Open the connection to  syslogd(1M)
                              immediately.   Normally the open is
                              delayed until the first message  is
                              logged.   This  is  useful for pro-
                              grams that need to manage the order
                              in which file descriptors are allo-

Any hints?


bert hubert.