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Re: ldbmcat does not produce RFC2253 DN: lines (ITS#135)

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:

> I should also note that we also still support an alternative
> e-mail/domain DN format (dn: kurt@openldap.org) which complicates
> DN checking.  We'll likely depreciate this older format in our

"Deprecate"{*}.  :-)

> LDAPv3 implementation to facilate LDAPv3 DN checking.

Speaking of LDAPv3, does the OpenLDAP Development Roadmap include the ability
to feed in new-style attributes/objects along the lines of RFC 2256 (ie.,
includes OIDs, syntax, &c.)?  Just as at the moment standardised format MIBs
can be fed into almost any SNMP application to increase its functionality,
it'd be nice to feed these attribute/object definitions straight into OpenLDAP
instead of the current arrangement of hacking the "at" and "oc" files...

{*} I wasn't intentionally trying to be pedantic;  it's just curious that
    it's becoming increasingly common to see some words being completely
    substituted with something else (like "authentification" instead of
    "authentication", or "depreciate" instead of "deprecate").  *shrug*