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Re: ldbmcat does not produce RFC2253 DN: lines (ITS#135)

Paul.Makepeace@realprogrammers.com wrote:
>Subject: ldbmcat does not produce RFC2253 DN: linesAt 03:21 PM 4/21/99 GMT, 

Note: If you are going to quote an RFC, get the right one!  OpenLDAP
is currently LDAPv2, hence RFC1779 is more applicable.  Of course,
both require ',' within RDN values to be quoted.

>Subject: ldbmcat does not produce RFC2253 DN: lines

ldbmcat doesn't produce DNs.  It just prints what it finds.
How did the DN get added to the directory?

I suspect you used ldif2ldbm.   ldif2ldbm does NO schema checking
(it's a database recovery tool).  To ldif2ldbm, it's just a string.

When adding new data to your directory, I recommend using
ldapadd/modify.  However, even here, you must realize that our
schema checking codes are somewhat dated and lax in comparision
with commericial vendors.

I should also note that we also still support an alternative
e-mail/domain DN format (dn: kurt@openldap.org) which complicates
DN checking.  We'll likely depreciate this older format in our
LDAPv3 implementation to facilate LDAPv3 DN checking.