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Re: Ldapsearch causing Seg Fault

At 03:35 PM 4/20/99 +0100, D J Richards wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've just installed the stable release (1.2.1) successfully under Solaris
>All the tests executed correctly and I have been able to setup a simple
>However, this is where things get interesting. I can run ldapsearch
>without any problems and it returns the expected results, however, if I
>run ldapsearch with the -v switch, it causes a Segmentation Fault (and
>returns no other info).

Can you provide details?  Are you using --without-threads,
--with-thread=posix, or --with-threads=lwp?  Which backend are
you using?  If LDBM, which underlying database manager?  Are you
using non-vendor tools and libraries?

Did ldapsearch seg fault or was it slapd?  Can you provide a
backtrace from the core dump?  Also, what's the tail of the
log file look like?