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Re: ITS78 not fixed - modrdn loses records (ITS#132)

asparks@nss.harris.com wrote:

> Full_Name: Alan Sparks
> Version: OpenLDAP 1.2.1
> OS: HP/UX 10.20
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> ITS #78 marked closed, but not fixed.  Duplicated the problem as still
> existent in OpenLDAP 1.2.1.  Compiled w/ GCC 2.8.1 on HP/UX 10.20 using
> either Sleepycat 2.3.16 or 2.7.4.
> After changing RDN of entry (in my case,
> from cn=Partners WorldCom Access,ou=Groups,o=Harris/NSS
> to cn=Partners MCIWorldCom Access,ou=Groups,o=Harris/NSS) with a delete-old-rdn
> parameter, subsequent ldapsearch cannot find the updated entry.  Entry
> reappears
> after slapd restart.
> Bad news. :-(

  Someone else just reported the same problem....seems to be an extra space is
introduced in the dn at the index entry. Will take care of this as soon as I get
time off. Thanks for reporting it.