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For help (ITS#127)


I hava one question to ask.

I try to use command line to modify some entries in 
our ldap database, but the error shows: 
"ldap_modify: Object class violation"

command line is:

ldapmodify -D "cn=manager, o=nortel, c=ca" -h wmerh00p -p 9009 -w
"secret" \
dn: cn=joe smith, o=nortel, c=ca
changetype: modify
add: drink
drink: Orange Juice

I think that is database problem.

I hava a very simple test database:

dn: o=nortel, c=ca
o: nortel
objectclass: organization

dn: cn=joe smith, o=nortel, c=ca
externPhone: 613-765-6156
streetAddress: 666 centre point
preferredLanguage: english
mail: jsmith@nortelnetworks.com
cn: joe smith
sn: smith
objectclass: person

few more entry.

our searchbase: o=nortel, c=ca
rootdn: cn=manager, o=nortel, c=ca
rootpw: secret

I am very appriciated that you can give me some guides.

Thank you.