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search operation's problem. (ITS#126)

I found some problem.
When I use search filter that contains Korean Language,
search result is strange. I request equal match value but
result is all values contains string requested.

Specially , 
I made LDAP add, delete, modify, search application using 
Netscape Directory JAVA SDK. (ver 3.0)
OpenLDAP's ldap tools application made by C (ex: ldapadd, ldapdelete,
ldapmodify,ldapsearch) cannot support Korean Languge normally.
For examples, if we use Korean-formatted search filter, result is
always "no such entry" 
So, I made LDAP Admin Operations and LDAP Search tool by JAVA
because Java support unicode, so don't worry about several Langauge.

I tested them on Michigan-LDAP server.
It was very well.
But after changing to OpenLDAP 1.2 (stable version),
I tested uppper applications again.
Add, delete, modify and read operation is normal.
But search operates wrongly, the result is wrong.
I guess search filters parsed strangely.
Could you explain why it is?