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Probleme with slurpd...


I use openldap version 1.1.1 relase. 
When I try to use replication with my old configuration ( It work well for openldap 1.0), I will obtain a error (in /usr/tmp/squidinterne2.rej) when slurpd try to syncronise the data base:( like this)
ldap_modify_s failed "No such object : uid=X007178,ou=person,o=sg,c=fr".

But the object exist in slave and master data base.

NOTE: Perharps this probleme is due to the facts we have one default "searchbase" with this new version of opeldap . For example when i have to use ldapsearch , I must now  ( with this new version of openldap) use the option "-b o=SG,c=FR" to do search in my data base.

 		Thanks in advance