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Re: size_t check fails in configure

Sorry, false alarm.

'cc -E' didn't work properly because of a local hack.  So configure
chose /lib/cpp instead - but without all the options that cc gives to
cpp (such as -D__STDC__ and -I/usr/include:-)

Though this seems likely to be a problem on any platform where configure
chooses /lib/cpp instead of a variant of 'cc -E', so I think it would be
better to disable the fallback choice of /lib/cpp and instead ask the
user to set $CPP.

BTW, when I wrote:
>> STDC_HEADERS being false is likely to
>> cause other problems as well.
> (...) As far as I can tell, the general fix is to not trust anything
> which results from a false STDC_HEADERS.

I should have emphasized "trust".  I meant, to turn prototypes because
of STDC_HEADERS is OK if it's done right, because it does no harm.  To
#define size_t as unsigned because of e.g. a bug in float.h seems a bit
more...problematic.  Anyway, that can probably wait until it actually
fails for someone.