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Re: Configure unable to detect pthread.h (ITS#94)

> From: chris@nmedia.net
> Looks like it isn't doing -pthread with gcc

The same happens on alpha and solaris.  Several of the threading checks
that do exist in configure are not executed, including
	-pthread (OpenBSD port of gcc, ITS#94)
	-threads (OSF1 Alpha, ITS#89)
	-mt	 (cc on solaris - I seem to remember it worked recently,
		  the Faq-O-Matic comment on Solaris)

I expect it's the same bug as ITS#89 and the solaris thread problem: If
configure _finds_ pthread_create, it assumes all is well, and doesn't
look for options with which it actually _works_.

I suppose the fix is to run the "pthread-create works?" test instead of
the "pthread-create exists?" test when searching for threading options
to cc.