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Re: Still thread problems with 1.1.4


> I had some thread problems with
> OpenLDAP 1.1.2 earlier, these are still
> present with 1.1.4 - see attachment.
> In effect the server hangs after 
> a while.
> The platform is RedHat 5.1 Intel
> with the most recent glibc rpm's
> installed.
> -psi

I have the same problem you emphasized. It didn't disappear
even with OpenLDAP 1.2. But I noticed that your slapd runs
out of resources always after search 340, exactly as mine does. 
Every search involves 3 thread creations: do_bind(), do_search() 
and do_unbind(), which makes 1020 threads. /usr/include/pthread.h 
of my RedHat 5.1 indirectly includes /usr/include/local_lim.h 
where there is a #define PTHREAD_THREADS_MAX 1024. In my opinion 
the slapd process simply runs out of threads. They are detached 
at creation (at least in my configuration, which should be like 
yours, since we use the same RedHat release), but eventually they
 don't terminate correctly. Maybe pthread_exit() is not invoked 
at the end of connection_operation()

I'd like to know if you found out anything else.

Pierangelo Masarati.