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Re: slapd coredump trying to strdup NULL- possibly broken ldif file?

At 10:21 PM 2/16/99 +0000, Dirk Niggemann wrote:
>I'm attempting to experimet with openLDAP 1.2 using web500gw and a samll
>db I've cretaed myself (with virtually no refernce material)
>As a result, the following bug is probably due to my brokem databse
>structure, but I think that shouldn't cause slapd to coredump.
>the bug is really 2 potential 'bugs':
>a) the STR_TRANSLATION define is not a configure option and is not
>documented anywhere, but web500gw needs it to compile by default.

> Is translation from T.61 strings deprecated?


>Is it slated for removal?

Nothing slated.  Of course, you might stay tuned to OpenLDAP-devel.
There are a number of issues with string translation related to
implementation of LDAPv3 and the current LDAPext draft LDAP C API.

>Or are there some problems with the current implementation (apart from the
>performance hit). 

Not that I'm aware of.

>b) on my system (linux 2.0.36, libc 5.4.46, gdbm 1.7.3 used as backend)
>slapd will segfault when web500gw tries to browse above the default
>'start' DN set up in its configuration files.

Thanks for the ITS concerning this.  It will be investigated.