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Deadlock (ITS#77)

Full_Name: Guillermo Payet
Version: 1.2
OS: Red Hat Linux 5.1
Submission from: (NULL) (


We've been running OpenLDAP 1.0.3 over dn 1.85 for a while, 
with no major probelms.   Last Friday, I downloaded 1.2 and 
DB 2.3.16.  After some initial trouble compiling the new 
version (problems with config.cache), I got a system up and 

Now slapd will run fine for a few hours, and then it will 
deadlock.  I haven't been able to trigger the problem at will.  
Sometimes it hangs, sometimes it doesn't, and it seems to 
be independent of load.  Once it hangs I have to killall -9 

I thought it might be a threading issue, but if I pound the 
server hard with a few clients at the same time, it will run 
fine, and then it will freeze a few hours later with only one 

How should I approach this?  what loglevel should I use to 
obtain a meaningful log file?


    --Guillermo Payet