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RE: slapd coredump trying to strdup NULL- possibly broken ldif file?

>a) the STR_TRANSLATION define is not a configure option and is not
>documented anywhere, but web500gw needs it to compile by default. Is
>translation from T.61 strings deprecated? Is it slated for removal? Or
>are there some problems with the current implementation (apart from the
>performance hit).

The current default setup, without T.61, has a problem with
8 bit characters. When making the index-files the strings
are uppercased in order to support case-insensitive searches.
Unfortunately this does not apply to 8 bit character, so
looking for such data is a case-sensitive operation.
This creates some problems at this site, quite a few
people have names with characters outside A-Z.

It would be interesting to know if activating the
T.61 translation would help.