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Re: Slapd hangs for mutilple clients (ITS#73)

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The bug is fixed in 1.2.

The link for Version 1.2 in the download.html is broken.

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

> Please try OpenLDAP 1.2.

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adr:            One Main Street, Suite 511 (Work);;38-B , Lake View Terrace  (Home);Eatontown;NJ;07724;Monmouth
email;internet: dastha@isochrone.com
tel;work:        +1-732-544 9353
tel;fax:         +1-732-544 2059
tel;home:        +1-732-542 8757
note:           Pager : dastha-pager@isochrone.com / 1-888-2142410
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version:        2.1
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