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Re: LDAPSearch, Modify, etc need a getpass() on NT (ITS#72)

At 12:57 AM 2/11/99 GMT, Ian.Brabham@SirJohnMonash.com.au wrote:
>Full_Name: Ian Brabham
>Version: 1.1.4 -Devel

No such beast?  I assume you mean 2.0-Devel (or some 1.2-beta)

>OS: Win32 (NT/95/98)
>The LDAPDelete, LDAPModify, LDAPModrdn, LDAPSearch have been 
>modified to accept -W option now and subsequently have calls 
>to "char *getpass(char *)" included.  In the standard Win32 
>environment this routine is not available.
>To complete the build I ripped off the mygetpasswd() routine from 
>.../ldap/client/ud/util.c to make a getpass.c and included it in 
>the libutil project along with getopt.c, etc.  It might be a good 
>idea to use this everywhere as some getpass() implementation break 
>with long passwords sometimes used in the LDAP world.

Wrap it an #ifndef HAVE_GETPASS.   We may still want to use getpass()
on some systems.  This makes it easy to enable or disable (based
on whatever configure test decided to use).

>Also there appears to be some confusion as to the correct names 
>various libraries should have in various projects.  I have unified 
>these across all projects based on names "ol*32.lib" which seems 
>to be your upcoming standard.

Yes, they should be ol{dap,ber,util,...}32.lib.

>I will try to conform to any guidlines you have and can ship you 
>a full set of updated *.dsp and *.dsw project files with the updates 
>if you like.

Unified diffs please, relative to -devel if possible.
I recommend all contributing developers use CVS whenever
possible...  the NT version works like a charm.

>Also what happened to LDAP32.DLL from the project?

That's a task for an enterprising developer...