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Re: Port of OpenLDAP to VM/ESA (ITS#71)

At 02:11 AM 2/9/99 GMT, you wrote:
>This is a port of the 1.0 level of the OpenLDAP distribution for VM/ESA.


We'll need to update the port to -devel (or 1.2beta2) before attempting
to integrate your changes into the source repository.  Our build environment
was completely replaced in OpenLDAP 1.1.  We also now localize most platform
specific issues header files.  We use an autoconf-based configure script
to generate "portable.h" file detailing the features found.  If the platform
is not capable of running configure, we'll have to sort out an alternative
method (likely something similiar to our MSVC5 approach for MS Windows NT/95).

Please take a look at our current build environment.  If you have any
questions, please feel to start a discussion on our -devel mailing list.