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RE: Patch OpenLDAP 1.1.3-release to Cygwin b20 (ITS#61)

Thanks Kurt. You can probably tell I was fudging my way through unfamiliar
territory in the config stuff, and I'm glad you've taken the trouble to
clean up and make it look like the rest of the code.

I agree with your mkdep decision; the -M file name thing is problem the
compiler boys have been aware of but still not fixed. The problem with the
sed solution is (1) Somebody might actually have file names with escaped
characters or backslashes, and (2) well, I couldn't get my sed script to
work properly. So for the time being Cygwin users might need to create their
own mkdep, a note in the INSTALL might alert them to this, whenever we know
what the right answer is.

Good decision on EXEEXT and OBJEXT.

Thanks for making this extra effort to fix up my changes! Please keep me
posted as you progress, I'll rebuild it here, and ultimately post to the
cygwin list when ready.

Hugh Winkler
Scout Systems, Inc.

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> From: Kurt Zeilenga [mailto:openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org]
> Sent: Thursday, February 04, 1999 2:53 PM
> To: hughw@scoutsys.com
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> Subject: Re: Patch OpenLDAP 1.1.3-release to Cygwin b20 (ITS#61)
> Hugh,
> [moving discussion to -devel...]
> RE: http://www.openldap.org/its/Software%20Enhancements?id=61
> I've reviewed your changes and think we can integrate them
> without too many headaches.
> I've made some change in our devel (HEAD) branch to help
> facilate GNU win32 environments.  Including:
> Added config tests:
>   AC_MINGW32
>   AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sysexits.h resolv.h arpa/nameserv.h)
> Added <ac/sysexits.h> to include <sysexits.h> or "sysexits-compat.h"
> depending on HAVE_SYSEXITS_H.  This eliminates the need to play
> symlink games.  Updated codes to include new header.
> Updated <ac/socket.h> based upon new header checks.
> The mkdep change to -MM use is not very desirable as we use <ac/foo.h>
> and <foo.h> when including our non-local headers.  I rather have mkdep
> sed(1) the file paths as needed.
> The make files change are okay... however AC_EXEEXT/OBJEXT define
> @EXEEXT@/@OBJEXT@.  Following autoconf's example, I've defined
> $(EXEEXT) and $(OBJEXT).  I assume that $(EXE) and $(OBJ) are more
> likely to conflict with other make variables.
> I'm also working on a mkversion script to generate version.c
> files.  This would eliminate the version.c templates.  I'll try
> to commit this weekend.
> Kurt