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Re: Seg Faults with ldapdelete (ITS#53)

At 04:40 PM 1/28/99 GMT, dhigbee@us.dhl.com wrote:
>I was wrong about which DB is was using to get a Seg Fault.  
>Configure was using Berkeley's DB rather than GDBM.

Which version of Berkeley DB you were using?  Do you know if
it was compiled correctly?  (ie: with -D_REENTRANT defined).

>So I recomplied it to use GDBM, recreated a directory, and now 
>I don't get Seg Faults, but I get 'Operations error'.

Are you seeing any strings getting mangled in the log output (-d 133

Can you try rel eng 1.1 or 1.2 (available via AnonCVS)?

Can you duplicate --without-threads?   

Since you are on Solaris, configuring --without-threads requires
a bit of hacking to make it work:

0) make veryclean
1) force the misplaced pthreads test to be 'no' by creating a config.cache with:
2) ./configure --without-threads
3) edit include/lthread.h -DNO_THREAD section and #ifdef out the
   conflicting defines.  (this use make our code use LWP types.
   Hopefully they are no incompatible with our usage).