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Re: Seg Faults with ldapdelete (ITS#53)


More information regarding the seg faults using ldapdelete.
I actually *can* delete from the ldap server, but only if I'm
not trying to delete the dn.

Our dns are of the type:

Several atttributes are associated with this:

Uid is indexed when the ldif is converted to ldbm.

If I start the server and then run
   ldapdelete -h localhost -p 391 -w "xxx" -D "xxx" "uid=           

then ldapdelete returns "no object found."  (I can continue to
run the above forever as long as I don't perform any other actions
on the server).

If I then search for uid=999999999 using ldapsearch it will find it and
return whatever attributes I requested.

Then if I run the previous "ldapdelete" again it will core.

However, if I run the following:
   ldapdelete -h localhost -p 391 -w "xxx" -D "xxx" "uid=999999999"

then everything is fine.  No core dump; the item gets deleted, etc...