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OpenLDAP under Solaris

Good and bad news about OpenLDAP under Solaris 2.6_x86:

	- threads don't work worth a damn.  Under heavy load, the server dies an
unexpected death, and does not generate a core file (unless you run it
with -d).  The closest to anything useful i've been able to get is that the
server is dying in _lwp_mutex_unlock().  Without debug information,
occasionally I got stack traces, but all in hex after _lwp_mutex_unlock().
With debug information, I only ever got a stack trace from gdb with one
resolvable item: _lwp_mutex_unlock().

	- with a simple patch (attached), you can get OpenLDAP to compile in a
useable manner:
		LIBS="-lposix4 -lpthread"; export LIBS; ./configure --without-threads

A 45 client performance test running on much more powerful clients than the
server (common these days, unfortunately), I have been able to sustain about
1/2 of the clients at 0.15 seconds a request and the rest at between 0.19s
to 0.30s per request.  I don't know the reasons why the clients get
different performance other than maybe the way select() works.  Internal db
caching may have a great deal to do with the performance differences -- many
of the clients were started later, so wouldn't be using the newer cache data
that the first 25 clients are using.

45 clients hammering the ldap server non-stop, causing it generate a load of
100% isn't really common, i'd imagine, so hey, what can I say?  I'm happy to
use this version of openldap for authentication now.  I wasn't when it was
dying on me.

Unfortunately, a big query will lock the ldap server up solid until it
finishes.  YUCK.

I make no guarantees that this patch will actually be a good thing, or that
it even works anywhere but here.  It's probably completely Not What You
Want, as it does not take into account autoconf (./configure) or anything
else.  Hell, I don't know if threads work anymore (my Next test).

*** ldap/include/lthread.h      Thu Dec 31 14:32:04 1998
--- openldap-1.1.2/include/lthread.h    Thu Jan 21 19:13:06 1999
*** 208,217 ****
--- 208,219 ----

  typedef void  *(*VFP)();

+ #ifndef __sun__
  /* thread attributes and thread type */
  typedef int   pthread_attr_t;
  typedef int   pthread_t;

+ #endif
  /* default attr states */
  #define pthread_mutexattr_default     NULL
  #define pthread_condattr_default      NULL
*** 223,228 ****
--- 225,231 ----

+ #ifndef __sun__
  /* mutex attributes and mutex type */
  typedef int   pthread_mutexattr_t;
  typedef int   pthread_mutex_t;
*** 234,239 ****
--- 237,243 ----
  /* condition variable attributes and condition variable type */
  typedef int     pthread_condattr_t;
  typedef int   pthread_cond_t;
+ #endif


Roy Hooper
Sr. Systems Administrator
Cyberus Online Inc.
(613) 233-0068