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Re: slapd crash (ITS#38)

At 01:29 PM 1/19/99 GMT, hwr@xlink.net wrote:
>A poosible patch (though I think this should be solved "deeper"):
>diff -c alias.c,1 alias.c
>*** alias.c,1   Tue Jan 19 14:20:53 1999
>--- alias.c     Tue Jan 19 14:21:19 1999

Both our dn deref'ing and suffix aliasing need work.  I can see a
number of problem with the present code...  I'll try to take a
deeper look when I get a chance.

If you don't specifically need this code, you might just
#ifdef the whole body of derefDN out and replace it with:

return ch_strdup( dn );