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Re: Perl Backend to slapd (ITS#37)


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

I have added a header to each file in the test tar file and also added
a copy of the LICENSE file from OpenLDAP.

The new file can be found in the incoming directory by the name of

I do have one question thought.  Where do you plan on checking this in?
The reason that I ask is that the code I supplied for testing is really
sloppy (almost embarresing) and I am starting work on some
quick documentation and a well documented sample perl module and config
file.  I am also reading up on the Perl DBI module in hopes to make a 
module that will interface with DBI, there for adding many possible
databeses to the backen, at least untill native backends can be

Also, I was wondering what I should do about my list of TODO items. 
I make a TODO file in the back-perl directory or would it be better to
create ITS#'s for them.


John C. Quillan

> Commit pending appropriate copyright notice for perl test module.