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Re: problems under IRIX 6.2, 6.5

Don Badrak wrote:

> Ok, now most of this is based on building, but not addressing my problem

Actually, it is.  Your problems is very likely due to the way OpenLDAP
is being built on IRIX which may conflict with one of the system or 3rd
party libraries.

> of why it runs so bloody slow.  I can get it built, but have to take some
> interesting steps.  What can I do to track down why the same query takes
> 20 seconds under 1.1.2 but 0.96 seconds under UMich 3.3 (with the exact
> same set of database files)?

How about providing output of an ldapsearch -v -d 1 combined with
the log from slapd -d 255 (just for search)?

Also, you might try disabling a few build options:
  Disable referrals (--disable-referrals)
  Disable DNS (--disable-dns)
  Disable Reverse Lookups (--disable-rlookups)