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Re: problems under IRIX 6.2, 6.5

Make sure you build DB2 using -D_REENTRANT and whatever else
IRIX might require to get correct errno behavior in threaded
environments.  Then build OpenLDAP using same flags using
CPPFLAGS to add in any *special* flags.  (configure defines
-D_THREADSAFE, and -DTHREADSAFE automatically, do not put these
in your CPPFLAGS when building OpenLDAP else you might get
redefine warnings/errors, however you might add -D_SGI_MP_SOURCE).

>If I remove that (-lpthread), it fails to find pthread_kill and pthread_join (both in

Why?  Check config.log.  A secondary library may be required.

>After some playing and investigation, I found that on
>IRIX 6.2, if I include -lpthread in the LIBS variable, configure hangs on
>the wait3() test.

If we get configure to properly detect -lpthread then the wait3()
test should hang (as don't run this test with -lpthread in LIBS).

>If I remove it, it manages to find pthread_kill, but
>won't link correctly.  I had to manually add -lpthread to

I hope you are removing config.cache before rerunning ./configure
after making environment changes...

>Under IRIX 6.5, it doesn't find pthread_kill or pthread_join without
>-lpthread on the LIBS line.

Again, config.log?

>It doesn't hang in the wait3 like 6.2 does.
>But, this way, as you say, everything is linked with -lpthread.  So I
>configured with -lpthread in the LIBS, saved the include/portable.h,
>reconfigured without it, used the previous portable.h, and manually added
>-lpthread as above in IRIX 6.2.
>One thing I noticed that was missing was -D_SGI_MP_SOURCE, which used to
>exist in earlier versions of OpenLDAP in the
>build/platforms/irix-gcc/Make-platform directory.

You might add this via CPPFLAGS.  You might poke about in the
headers and see how this interacts with your system headers.

>> Note: I can easily add a test for -lbind.  I just need to
>> know what routine to test for.

How about res_search?

>[ on ../configure ]
>make depend doesn't work for me, either.  I just did it again without the
>--srcdir, and the tests directory is missing scripts and data (links), and
>the man pages and other docs didn't get installed.

The VPATH/srdir support definitely needs some work.  I'll put this
on the todo list.