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Re: Error compiling OpenLDAP 1.1.2 with DB 2.3.16 (ITS#36)

Hi Kurt (The other Kurt helped me by asking me to look why db_open was
not found, so I did a nm /usr/local/lib/libdb. and I got an error
stating that file format not recognized)

so, I deleted the package and built it from scratch from the ports
now nm gives no such errors, and the build proceeds smoothly.

I have sent a message to freebsd-ports asking for some information about
this package

> Yusuf,
> have you made a make veryclean and ./configure anew. When there remain old
> config.cache files, the build will not perform correctly.
> Another point I could mention is, that I always use the LIBS environment
> variable instead of LDFLAGS. Switching from one DB version to the other is
> no problem, then.
> Please  make really sure that you start with the new DB from scratch.
> Regards,
> Kurt