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Re: Probs with 1.1.2

At 12:53 PM 1/5/99 +0000, Michael Brehl - FRA HY 3 wrote:
>just downloaded 1.1.2 and got problems
>passing the tests.
>ldap_search in the first test tells
>me "Sizelimit exceeded".

Were any entries returned (see out files from ldapsearch)?
If so, how many?

>I increased
>the default cachesize of 4 (why that, BTW ?)

It's a test to ensure slapd runs properly when the
cache size is exceeded.

>The error still occurs.

Guess we know it's not the dreaded cache size bug...

>IRIX 6.2 / HP-UX 10.20
>Berkeley 2.6.4

DB 2.3.16 is the recommended SleepyCat version.

Mileage with later versions may vary.   In particular, you
might want to read/apply the following to your DB2 sources.


>Any idea ?

Just the above guesses based upon the minimal information provided.