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Re: pls help: "Operations error" from ldapdelete (ITS#29)

At 09:07 AM 12/30/98 GMT, st-wong@cuhk.edu.hk wrote:
>We upgraded our LDAP server to 1.1.1 recently, which runs on Solaris 2.6.
>I got this error when deleting an entry:
># ldapdelete -v -D 'cn=root,dc=cuhk,dc=edu,dc=hk' -w xxx
>deleting entry uid=130002,dc=cuhk,dc=edu,dc=hk
>ldap_delete: Operations error

Operation errors are generated by the server.  You should run slapd
with '-d 1' to track down why it generated that error code.  Specific
to delete operations, that error is generated when:
  1) the id of the entry to be deleted cannot be deleted from its
     parent's list of children ids,
  2) the id cannot be deleted from the dn2id map, or
  3) the entry itself cannot be deleted from the cache/disk.

>I did the same command on 1.03 with the same database without problem.  
>If the base dn (dc=cuhk,dc=edu,dc=hk) is omitted :
># ldapdelete -v -D 'cn=root,dc=cuhk,dc=edu,dc=hk' -w xxx 'uid=130002'
>deleting entry uid=0000016a-4f5c-21d1-a000-08000945cdd0

This is odd.  This should be 'uid=130002'.  Looks like you should do a
'make clean; make depend; make' or something.

>entry removed
>However ldapsearch still returns this entry.

NOTE: if you are using an preexisting database make sure 'configure'
uses the appropriate ldbm settings.  What 'configure' auto-selects
may be quite different than was used in 1.0.x releases.