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Re: Error whilst compiling CVS (ITS#16)

I have updated the FAQ/README to note we require DB 2.3.16
and have suspended this ITS until developers address the
numerous issues in updating our code for later versions
of DB2.

Those interested working on this effort are encourged to
discuss development issues on OpenLDAP-devel mailing

At 05:24 PM 12/22/98 GMT, dboreham@netscape.com wrote:
>yusufg@huge.net wrote:
>> I got a fresh cvs tree of REL_ENG_1_1 and get the same error with
>> Berkeley DB 2.6.4
>> However, its a clean compile with Berkeley DB 2.5.9. so the error could
>> be with some changes in Berkeley DB 2.6.4
>The interface to db->cursor() changed in 2.6.4, add an
>extra parameter, value 0.
>See the release notes on www.sleepycat.com