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Re: ldif2ldbm

At 09:34 AM 12/20/98 +0100, Dr Andreas F Muller wrote:
>I tried openldap 1.1 on Solaris 2.6 with db 2.5.9 as backend. But
>I  get  the same ldif2ldbm failure during the tests as Franky Van
>Liedekerke reports:
>>  [...]
>>  Running ldif2ldbm to build slapd database...
>>  id2entry ldbm_store failed
>>  stopping: child exited with status 1
>>  ldif2ldbm failed!
>>  [...]

A fix for this is currently being tested.  The problem is that
a few Datums were not be cleared as DB2 expects.

The patch will likely be applied to REL_ENG_1_1 branch soon
and should be available in the next snapshot.