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Problem installing slapd


I have a lot of difficulties installing ldap library and I really don't knw
what could happen.
I try to install the servers and to do some test.
When i do a query like 
ldapsearch cn="*" 
	the result is : ldap_serach no such object
ldapadd < newentry
with newentry containing :
dn: cn=LATOUR Jean-Pierre, o=sinorg,c=FR
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: quipuObject
objectclass: kerberosSecurityObject
cn: LATOUR Jean-Pierre
cn: Jean-Pierre LATOUR
sn: jplatour
description: Manager of the directory
userpassword: secret
lastmodifiedtime: 951212214144Z
lastmodifiedby: cn=Manager, o=sinorg,c=FR
krbname: jplatour@sinorg.fr
  dn: cn=JeanPierr, o=sinorg, c=FR
           objectClass: person
           cn: JeanPierr
           cn: JP
           sn: Jensen
           title: the world's most famous mythical manager
           mail: bjensen@terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu
           uid: bjensen

the result is also	lpad_add	no such object.

Do you have any idea ?

Jean-Pierre LATOUR

email : jplatour@sinorg.fr