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ldapsearch backtrace

Here is some kind of backtrace of my ldapsearch (thaks to Hallvard B

When typing 'gdb -d -1 slapd'
(gdb) setargs -d 255 -p 400
(gdb) run
===> do the ldapsearch:
(gdb) backtrace


#0  0xef4d3460 in __sigprocmask ()
#1  0xef4cb02c in _resetsig ()
#2  0xef4ca8f0 in _sigon ()
#3  0xef4cd4fc in _thrp_kill ()
#4  0xef53a558 in abort ()
#5  0x32190 in __eprintf (string=0x363d8 "%s:%u: failed assertion
    expression=0x363f8 "cache.c", line=203,
    filename=0x36400 "pthread_rdwr_wchk_np(&e->e_rdwr)")
#6  0x23cac in cache_add_entry_lock (cache=0x51aa8, e=0x4cb58, state=0)
    at cache.c:203
#7  0x26194 in id2entry (be=0x515f0, id=14927, rw=0) at id2entry.c:167
#8  0x261fc in id2entry_r (be=0x515f0, id=14927) at id2entry.c:177
#9  0x2969c in ldbm_back_search (be=0x515f0, conn=0x559f8, op=0x4c358,
    base=0x53928 "ou=Modems,o=pandora.be", scope=2, deref=0, slimit=0,
    tlimit=-1, filter=0x53908, filterstr=0x53948 "(serialnumber=262*)",
    attrs=0x0, attrsonly=0) at search.c:158
#10 0x168f4 in do_search (conn=0x559f8, op=0x4c358) at search.c:169
#11 0x1607c in connection_operation (arg_v=0x4b578) at connection.c:74