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autoconf+makefile problems in -alpha

I tried to build openldap-alpha1:

$ env ... ./configure --prefix=...
$ make -s depend

Failed:  It tried to run autoconf, which is not installed, because
configure was older than configure.in.   So I proceeded with

$ touch configure
$ make -s depend

That ran config.status (since configure is newer than Makefile & co),
but without the environment variables I used to run configure.  So most
of the configuration was lost.  Looks like an autoconf bug.

I think you had better remove the target running autoconf for normal
users.  You can still have `make dist' or `make <target> NO_DIST=' to
get the current behavior, like this:

	NO_DIST = true

	dist:	FORCE

	${srcdir}/configure$(NO_DIST): configure.in aclocal.m4
		cd ${srcdir} && autoconf