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problems installing 1.0 on Solaris 2.5.1 -- 'make install' broken; libldbm built unnecessarily

I just pulled over the "release" version of OpenLDAP and tried to
install it on a Solaris 2.5.1 platform.  I encountered two problems.

1)  I just wanted to install the client-side libraries, so I commented
out the SLAPD lines in Make-common.  However, the build still tried to
build libraries/libldbm, which of course failed, as no definition of
LDBM had been made.  If this library is only used in slapd, it
shouldn't be built unless slapd is built.

I 'solved' the problem by deleting the libldbm directory.  There seemed
to be no simpler way.  I'd recommend that libraries/Make-template use
an explicit list of subdirs rather than *.

2)  'make install' seems completely broken with either the Solaris 'make'
program or the GNU make program.  The problem is that the installation
directories are defined *after* they are used, so they are effectively
not defined.  This is a problem...

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