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Re: OpenLDAP-1.1alpha bugs and patch

At 11:09 PM 11/4/98 +0100, Jorg Pietschmann wrote:
>two further bugs in OpenLDAP-1.1alpha, exposed on i386-solaris2.5.1:

Thanks for the reports.

>1. servers/slapd/lock.c wont compile because incorrect conditional
>  caused use of `flock' and accompagnying defines instead of `lockf'
>  I changed the conditional from `USE_LOCKF' to `HAVE_LOCKF'

This was fixed in -devel and will be merged into 1.1Alpha later today.

>2. clients/ud/main.c wont compile because it is missing termios types
>  and defines. This is because Solaris has both `termios.h' and
>  `sys/sgtty.h'. The relevant types and defines reside in `termios.h'
>  only. I changed the conditional in `include/ac/termios.h' so that
>  use of `termios.h' is preferred over `sys/sgtty.h' if both are
>  present. Additionally i defined NO_TERMCAP. This may be wrong,
>  correct this if necessary.


>There is also the problem that the thread library cannot be
>autodetected because Solaris 2.5.1 has neither a working `sched_yield'
>nor `pthread_yield' (though there is a `sched_yield'-stub in
>libposix4). The content of the file `thread.c' indicates that someone
>is working on the problem. Should i do something on my own?

A fix for this was applied to -devel.  It looks for sched_yield
in -lposix4 (Solaris2) and -lrt (Digital UNIX).  This will be merged
into 1.1Alpha later today.

>The following patch fixes the bugs mentioned above and the
>configuration bug regarding `sys/filio' reported earlier.

Thanks much.  Will review.