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Slapd hangs on delete


Platform: Linux/Debian 2.0 (libc6, gdbm)
Version : OpenLDAP 1.0.2

	First I create the database with ldif2ldbm and this file:

dn: c=FR
c: FR
objectclass: country

dn: o=GI, c=FR
c: FR
o: GI
objectclass: organization

	Basic search works as expected. Then I add this entry:

dn: o=Grey, c=FR
c: FR
o: Grey
objectclass: organization

	with ldapadd. Again search works fine. But when I try to delete
this entry, slapd hangs, eat all CPU and never returns. Killing slapd and
restarting it shows that the entry has been deleted.

Yann Doussot <doussot@gifrance.com>
Grey Interactive - France - http://www.gifrance.com/
Cell: +33 6 12 71 70 03   Work: + 33 1 46 84 85 00