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Re: Y2K patch for slapd -- modify/create timestamps

> This minor patch clears a few 2-digit year references in slapd, to fix the
> modifytime and createtime automatic attributes
> ....

That fixes the Y2K problem; but leaves another long-standing bug.
The formatted time values end in 'Z', implying UTC (aka 'Zulu' time);
but the values were obtained via localtime(3); so they will include
the local timezone's offset.

I believe that either the strftime(3) formats should end in '%Z'
instead of a bare 'Z', to emit the correct timezone code; or the
time values should be obtained via gmtime(3) instead of localtime(3).
Another alternative would be to remove the Z entirely, thus implying
an unspecified timezone offest.

A case could also be made for inserting the optional delimiters
specified in ISO-8601.  (e.g. '1998-10-15 14:56:16-8:00' or
'1998-10-15 22:56:16Z' instead of '19981015225616Z'.)

Note that ISO-8601 compliance also dictates that the timezone
notation, if present, be either 'Z' for UTC or the offset from
UTC in hours and minutes.  Timezone abbreviations are not allowed.
Unfortunately, most implementations of strftime(3) do not have a
format code for the offset notation.

P.S.	For info on ISO-8601, see: