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Issue w/ clean compile on HP/UX 10.20 -- select()

There is a section of portable.h that contains:

#if defined( hpux ) && defined( __STDC__ )
 * Under HP/UX, select seems to want (int *) instead of fd_set.  Non-ANSI
 * compilers don't like recursive macros, so ignore the problem if __STDC__
 * is not defined.
#define select(a,b,c,d,e) select(a, (int *)b, (int *)c, (int *)d, e)
#endif /* hpux && __STDC__ */

Perhaps this is necessary for HP/UX 9.x, but this causes warnings on 10.20,
which prototype select() to take fd_set* arguments.

Removing this for HP/UX 10.x removes the compile warnings.

Alan Sparks, IS Engineering Support
Harris Communications, Camarillo CA                   (805) 389-2430